Friday, 23 March 2012

Quiet Friday Night In

The Memsahib has been despatched on a hen night.  The groom needed somewhere to go.  Guess what's happening?  Yes, I am finally getting an evening of gaming!!!

Sadly it's not 1938 or Zulus as I need to learn the rules for Flames of War for an event that the Station club is hosting in a few weeks time.  Still, at least it's chance to christen the roads and rivers!  Here's hoping that I don't lose to badly tonight!

War Memorial

At the weekend I found myself reading Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy for the first time.  Not a bad read at all.  However what really grabbed my attention was a review of a new War Memorial being produced by the Sgt's Mess.  I've never heard of these guys before but really liked the idea of adding a little more realism to my tabletop.  They are meant for 20mm rather than 28mm but I reckon that this will work just fine for 28mm.  I think that they sculpted it to look like a WW1 soldier so perfect for a Great War Memorial that might be found in any village or town around the country in 1938.

Another great thing about this manufacturer is their public support for Help for Heroes.  Other than that I only actually ordered the piece on Wednesday and yet it arrived here today!  The moulding was very neat and it took the paint pretty well.  I've tried to represent a weathered bronze statue.  Here's a few piccies of the piece before and after painting.

The Horns of the Buffalo - Part Twelve

After finally finishing the buildings yesterday I was at a bit of a loss as to what to paint as the lead mountain is rather large at the moment.  As the wine went down I decided to have a go at some of the British characters that I had undercoated and waiting for paint.  Considering that by the time I finished I was very much worse for the wine they are ok.

I did discover though that the static grass applicator is not much use with metal miniatures as every time it comes close enough to the miniature to make the grass stand up sparks start flying!

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