Monday, 2 January 2012

The Horns of the Buffalo - Part Four

Well the "opus" continues to prove to be of almost Biblical proportions!

I have spent much more of this period of leave doing things other than painting than I planned to.  It does mean that I sit here on my final day of leave a lot less stressed than I was a few days ago.  However, it also means that the project is taking a lot longer than originally planned. 

Over the last couple of days I have painted one Induna for the unmarried Zulus that I finished last week.  He actually has the wrong shield pattern as I only read up on the significance of shield colour for Zulu regiments last night.  As such he will eventually be the Induna for the 2nd unmarried Zulu regiment that I will be making and painting as soon as I get to them!  I've also nearly finished the first ten married zulus.  The first ten of forty that is!

I got home the other day to a card from the postie that they're holding a parcel for me.  I hope that this will finally be the bases that I ordered a few weeks ago as these chaps really need basing.  Anyway, here they are:


Married Zulus:

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  1. Tremendous! I do love this miniature; with regards to shield pattern I know that there is a rather good post over at GWP3 on the subject. This should be the address:

  2. Michael, thank you for that link. Most enlightening! The current plan is for the 1st unmarried regiment to be Indluyengwe (Leopards Den) and the married to be Indhlondhlo (Euphorbia) as both these regiments were present at least in part at Rorkes drift. As for the Induna, I'm probably going to repaint his shield. I've no idea which regiment my 2nd unmarried chaps will be from, possibly just more Indluyengwe.

  3. Good to see another blogger doing Zulu's. I have started a little project myself, so will be following your blog to keep my inspiration going.
    Happy New Year,

  4. They are wonderful and my resolve is slowly melting and I really think that I'll be getting these little chaps soon. Great Job you have done there,

  5. Looking very nice!!!! An excellent job!

  6. Thank you chaps. I thought this was a big project until I saw Silver Whistle's. Mine is definitly put into context now!

  7. Nicely executed mate. Now you only need another three or four thousand ;-)

  8. I would love to do that but at the current rate of production it would be another century at least before I was finished!