Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Gaming Table

Memsahib is out working tonight so under the pretence of actually sorting the loft out and moving my DIY tools out of one of the bedrooms I got the time to finally flock the table.  I've used the same flock mix that I use on my bases so hopefully it will give the home side an aesthetic advantage in games!  Well, that is when I finally ever actually find the time to have a game of course!

I'm not entirely sure that the brown patches really work and I am slightly tempted to go for a uniform flocking across the whole table.  It's bloomin freezing up in the loft though so I'm going to give it a couple of weeks to really dry through and then blow all the excess off.  Actually I might gently hoover it as currently there's probably more flock on the floor than the table!


  1. This is looking very good mate and I leave the patches as in real life it is let that or that just my garden, lol

  2. I second keeping the patchy look - positively manicured turf compared to my yard at the moment!