Saturday, 26 November 2011

Some Very British Civil War Characters

These are 3 characters that I recently purchased from Artizan Designs.  I think that they are really fabulous models.  Really well sculpted and cast - a complete joy to paint.  I bet that you can guess which one is my favourite!

I'm thinking about forming a new faction for 1938 VBCW of brigands hiding in the Cheviots and subsisting their life by raiding the local countryside in the same way that the original Reivers used to.

More Northumbrian Police

I bought these chaps a few weeks ago from Artizan Designs.  They are absolutely lovely miniatures to work with, they come with hardly any flash or mould lines and they were really enjoyable to paint.  The big debate is whether or not they can be used alongside my other Policemen from Reiver Castings as they are actually more like 25mm rather than 28mm.  Also the quality of the sculpt and casting is not as good on the Reiver miniatures but then they cost less than half as much so it's not surprising.  Anyway, enough rambling, here come the fuzz!

Just in case you were wondering how distinct the difference was between the Artizan and Reiver miniatures . . . . . . here it is although I must say that the photo makes it look a little worse than it really is (plus I hadn't finished painting the Artizan one when I took this photo.

Dreadfleet - Part 3

Well, I finally got round to playing Dreadfleet last night.  A couple of friends came over.  The girls watched Bridesmaids and we played Dreadfleet.  Well, I say played. . . . . .

None of us had found the time to read the rules so a lot of time was spent working them out; concurrently a lot of wine was drunk.  After a couple of hours floundering we were getting into the mechanism.  It's not a bad game, the scenarios seem good.  It's certainly not a simple game to play and at points can seem a little over complicated but I reckon that will go away with more games.  It is a great looking game though.

One thing is for sure.  Wine and wargames are a dangerous combination judging by the state of everybody's heads this morning!