Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Horns of the Buffalo - Part One

It seems that man-flu increases my productivity. Please excuse the rather unsavoury carpet of my quarter but this lot is too large to fit into my normal photo studio thingy. He is the product of the last 30 hours (of which about 12 were spent sleeping and 4-5 hours on online research), they are painted, gloss varnished (for durability) then matt varnished, the flock and static grass are still to go but I haven't gone through the box yet to find something that suits both South African January and 1938!

Mealie bags and boxes - could represent an improvised barricade in most markets, factories or docks.

Bagged up wagon, not the best angle, please be assured, it is a lovely piece of scenery:

Better view of the wagon:

Dry stone walls, perfect for Blighty!

Renadra bell tent that comes as part of the set but they don't get credit (their customer service is A1 BTW):

This set is causing me storage problems though. This is the upper part of my painting station at the moment!

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