Saturday, 7 March 2015

AWI Continental Infantry 2

Memsahib was working last night so I got a bit more painting done than normal.  As such I finished the AWI Continental Infantry from the Perry Brothers.

Perry Miniatures AWI Continental Infantry Rifled Muskets
These are nice miniatures, well sculpted & easily assembled.  They are rather uniform in pose but lots of nice subtle differences between the uniforms which fit nicely with the historical image of the Continental infantry being a little more rag tag than the British Infantry.  I've got some of the Wargames Factory Continental Infantry on order.  Hopefully I'll find some time in the coming weeks to get them done.  They look like they have a greater variety of poses than the Perry's but to be honest they don't look quite as well posed. 

Perry Miniatures AWI Continental Infantry Rifled Muskets
The very sharp among you will notice that the hats are not right on these chaps, I was too far down the line when I realised my mistake.  Never mind, I'll pay more attention next time!