Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Croydon Crusher Part 2

Here's the Croydon Crusher, almost finished.  Lovely miniature, a real pleasure to paint!

BUF Transport Option

I've got some cavalry on the go for my BUF force and I was contemplating what vehicles they could have.  I've assumed that there might well be some equipment finding it's way into their hands from Germany and when rifling through my cupboards I found an unbuilt kit of a Luftwaffe Kettenkrafttrad in 1/48 scale by Tamiya.  The figures in this set even had the same chip bag hats that all my BUF types have.  I decided that an unarmed halftrack wouldn't serve much purpose, however by mounting an MG34 onto the back it could be used for all sorts of devilish fascism.  It's currently undercoated and awaiting the main paint job.  I appreciate that this vehicle was not actually brought into service until 1939 but I reckon that it's just about plausible for an R&D version to find its way into BUF hands for field evaluation during VBCW.