Sunday, 22 February 2015

AWI Continental Infantry

A rather busy weekend with not very much being achieved on the paint station.  I've finished the Command, 15 men and 4 rifled musketeers of the Perry AWI Continental infantry set apart from varnishing and finishing off the bases.  Unfortunately it's absolutely tipping it down outside so far too humid for any spray varnishing.  This will have to wait a couple of weeks until I've got time to finish them off. 
I've got another 15 chaps to go but I have to say that again I've been rather impressed by the quality.  The detail is really good.  The poses aren't the greatest but they went together well enough.  I like the mix of 4 rifles and the standard infantry. 

Once the other fifteen chaps are done, all that will be left is a blockhouse from 4Ground and a ton of palisades from Warbases.  Then I might be able to make a start on my randomly purchased Terminator Hunter Killer..... unless that gets started first that is!