Friday, 17 January 2014

8(ish) months of silence broken

Well if there's anybody still watching/reading this blog I must apologise for being quiet for so long.  My last entry was back in May 2013 shortly after returning from an overseas tour.  Since then I got posted down South which meant a lot of travelling.  I then got promoted (which was nice) and posted a lot further south (which isn't so nice).  It's taken a couple of months in the new job to actually get a paint station set up in my room at work.  Unfortunately increased workload, much longer commute etc are meaning that I've hardly had chance to lift a paint brush in months.

On the plus side, I managed to get a few hours up in the man cave over the Christmas period and not only finally managed to finish flooring the loft but actually managed to cobble together a few left over tongue and groove chipboards and some spare bits of pine and turned it all into a 6x4 gaming table.  The photos below show before and after applying a mix of emulsion and various grades of sand.

The finish wasn't as good as I hoped so whilst away on an incredible boring financial capability management course this week I cut out to Hobbycraft in search of more brown paint and found a 500ml tube of brown poster paint for £2 (not bad but I bet Wilko's would have been half that).  So after a calming 300 mile drive I got home to Memsahib (complete with a dozen red roses) to find that she was heading out with the girls (when will I learn to turn up only when I said I would and not early?).  The upside is that the brown poster paint was mixed down with some black that I had to get a nice dark shade and then delicately applied ........... with a 4" brush.  Hopefully it'll dry enough overnight to allow me to get it drybrushed tomorrow.  I was then planning to apply my normal flock across the board and then overlay some static grass in places to add depth....... but then I realised that my flock box was in London ..... bugger.

Oh well, it's taken 18 months to get to this stage so what's another few weeks?