Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Horns of the Buffalo - Part Seven

Alas progress continues to be slow as I continue to be forced to work for the "living" that pays for my miniatures habit. 

The MDF bases that I ordered some weeks ago arrived today.  They are of very good quality, equal to the fine produce of Renedra in my humble opinion but slightly cheaper.  I spent a long time thinking about how I would base my Anglo-Zulu chaps and eventually decided that for Rorkes Drift I would actually mix the bases up a little.  I am planning to use the Black Powder rules that Warlord publish but would like to have the flexibility to use other rules if I so desire or the chaps from the club make me :)  As such I've gone for square bases with four zulus on each with a goodly number of single bases scattered amongst them for good measure.

Anyway, the last dregs of my current bottle of PVA were deployed to stick these chaps onto bases which will need a good couple of days worth of work to get them all textured and looking acceptable if not nice. 

It seems like I've been painting Zulus for an age and yet it seems that I really haven't produced much yet.

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  1. I cant wait to see them based. My resolve is crumbling fast and I think I might be buying them

  2. Sadly I think that it will be a few weeks until I get them based as I'm off to the other hemisphere for a couple of weeks. I'm planning to take the rest of the Zulus and Brits with me to paint while I'm down there, if I get time. Hopefully they'll survive the baggage handlers!

    As for your resolve, this is a very nice set. I'm not doing it justice.

  3. With regards to not doing justice to the set, nonsense says I! They are looking great and as I look around at my humble smattering of Zulus I'm reminded that perhaps an investment in a set of plastics might be the way to go.

  4. If you're considering the plastics then try Maelstrom Games. If you order before Midnight on Mon 16 Jan 12 and use the discount code JANUARY-2012 then you'll get 17% off RRP. That means a box of 32 plastic Zulus and 1 metal InDuna for £16.60! Or you can get 20 plastic British infantry and 4 metal figure command group for the same price. I've just ordered two more packs of married Zulus and another pack of British infantry using this deal. That's a total of 90 miniatures for £49.80, can anybody actually remember when you could get that much from Games Workshop? :)