Monday, 20 February 2012

Roads - Part 3

Well I made a little progress tonight, less than I hoped but some all the same.  A couple of the pieces were now sufficiently brown that I could overbrush a little English Uniform and German Camo Biege to make things a little more interesting.  It's cheered me up a tad as I wasn't really happy at all with project until then.  Since taking these photos I have sprayed the pieces with the good old anti-shine varnish so that I can hopefully get some flock along the sides tomorrow and maybe even get to play with adding muddy water to the puddles/pot holes the day after.  That's the plan, it'll probably not turn out like that!

Sorry about the focus, having a bad camera day!

This is one of the small curves that I've coloured up resting on top of a couple of as yet untouched straights.

Hopefully getting some flock etc on there will get things looking better soon.  Next update as soon as I have something to update!

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