Tuesday, 30 August 2011

IRA Characters by Musketeer

I rather like these miniatures, but that's no suprise as I like pretty much everything by Musketeer!  I'm not sure which faction these guys will get used for, probably either the Ashington Coal Collective or the Anglican League for the chap in uniform.

Brigands from Musketeer

I really like these miniatures.  I'm not sure which faction they'll end up in except for a couple of them that are pretty obvious.

The Colonel, a crusty staff officer during the Great War he thinks that wearing a fur around his shoulders and his staff officers red tabs is all that it takes to command men.

The random fascist officer.

Some of the brigand boys:

Gaz 98 Aerosan Part One

Last week Warlord Games (well the Royal Mail) delivered my Gaz 98 Aerosan.  Whilst I was rather tempted to start an entirely separate Soviet force that had nothing to do with VBCW I couldn't resist the temptation to convert this into something that resulted from some Armstrong-esque Geordie genius. 

Sadly this meant that a diecast vehicle had to die.  No pun intended.

The bumper was added as an afterthought as hey, it'll probably be needed as this vehicle will no doubt have an appalling turning circle and the best speed ever in a straight line;  mind you, with only a single LMG to strike with it's impact on the battlefield is likely to be limited!

More pics to follow once I get this chap painted.