Thursday, 26 April 2012


In a fit of procrastinating over delving back into the Zulu horde I found a pack of Wargames Factory Zombies at the back of the vanishing cabinet.  I had previously built another pack of these and been rather dissapointed with them, largely because of the rather poorly sculpted heads/faces.  So this time, whilst a little bit tipsy I decided to try to improve them using various heads and a few other pieces that I had lying around.  The bulk of the pieces are left over from various Mantic Zombies that I've built, painted and subsequently sold on.  It's left me a lot happier with the miniatures, even if I have stuffed up some of the necks!  I decided to use a more dried out looking grass than normal for the bases.  I'm not entirely sure why the zombie apocalypse would cause all the grass to die, I think it is more that I am getting a little bored of my standard mix!  Anyway I wouldn't want to run into these guys on a dark night.  Or a bright day come to think of it!