Sunday, 25 December 2011

The Horns of the Buffalo - Part Two

In between roasting Donald Duck and Bambi the rather fine venison fillet provider I've not had much time for painting today.  However, I have now almost finished 10 British Infantry and the first 8 Zulus.  As well as the forty married Zulus in the boxed set I have recently received a box of unmarried Zulus.  This was then topped up again today by another unmarried Zulu regiment courtesy of my darling wife.  So that means that I have most of the scenery and just over 10% of my Anglo-Zulu war miniatures painted.  Still to go are:

  • Both buildings
  • The MDF wagon
  • The water wagon
  • The cattle
  • Dead horse
  • Terrier
  • All the metal miniatures (8 Brits plus 2 Zulus)
  • 10 more plastic British Infantry
  • 40 plastic married zulus
  • 56 more unmarried zulus.
This project might well last beyond this stint of leave!  I'd like to carry on painting now but I think that the results might be even worse than those shown below as the Champagne was opened at ten this morning - hic!

Anyway, they're almost finished, the Zulus need some attention from the washes etc as I wasn't as neat as I like, particularly on the "skirts" and I need to add leopard spots to some of the "bandanas".  However, I'm hoping that these messes won't show up too much as part of a horde of over a 100 Zulus!  Only problem is that I forgot to order bases so I've got to wait for them to turn up.  I'm looking at 4 zulus each on 50x50x2mm MDF bases.  I love Renadra bases but they'd cost too much for this many.  Any thoughts as to how these would work, especially with the Black Powder rules?

However, most importantly, Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for following my blog!  Hopefully I'll finally learn how to paint in 2012!

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