Here's a few links to sites that I think are rather ace:

Musketeer Miniatures.  As well as a lot of other collections this manufacturer does an excellent range specifically for 1938 A Very British Civil War.  I've pointed the link to the 1938 range as that's where I spend the most time!

BEF Miniatures.  I love this range of early WWII miniatures that are fantastically sculpted and really well cast.  The British Infantry are perfect for British Army forces in 1938 A Very British Civil War!  Recently BEF was bought out by Warlord Games.  The miniatures are gradually being re-moulded and re-released, the range is even expanding a little.

Edward VIII Cocktail Bar.  This is a room on the Gentlemen's Wargame Parlour that is dedicated to 1938 A Very British Civil War.  A really friendly and supportive forum for the gentleman who understands the importance of sporting conduct in war.

Solway Crafts & Miniatures.  These are the guys that came up with the original background for 1938 A Very British Civil War.  Their books are wonderfully illustrated and really well written.  Some might say that they're a little pricey.  I disagree.  This is a low volume product so I bet the profit margins are tiny and the quality is excellent.  You really get what you pay for with these guys!

Wayland Games.  These guys are a great example of a really good internet seller.  They offer excellent prices and service but above all seem to be interested in the hobbiest above all else.  Their dealing with the Citadel Finecast issues was a great example of their commitment to only providing the best.

Mantic Games.  Finally something that is not related to 1938 VBCW, Mantics have a great business model.  They aim to provide a fast moving game with big armies at a low cost.  The quality of their miniatures is superb and unlike some other companies when they switched from metal to resin they kept their prices the same but doubled the quantity in a pack!

Mutton Chop Miniatures.  Lovely really characterful miniatures that are perfect for 1938 VBCW sculpted by the ever so talented Paul Hicks.

Renedra Limited.  These guys are experts in plastic moulding technology.  They produce a lot of the plastics for companies such as Warlord.  On top of this they have a webstore where you can buy their bases directly.  I never cease to be amazed how quickly they get my orders to me.  I ordered some bases on Tuesday afternoon and they were here on Thursday.  If only other companies were that efficient!

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International List of Scale Model Related Web Sites