Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Horns of the Buffalo - Part Six

Work is back up to its usual tricks of keeping me away from the paint station.  However, over the weekend I did manage to get time to assemble the buildings from the set.  I was most impressed by the quality and how it all went together.  The instructions were okay, not brilliant but good enough.  The only real snag was that a sprue was missing from my set.  It was only a little sprue containing a small piece of roof and a ladder.  I emailed Warlord on Sunday and the missing part arrived today.  You really can't ask for better customer service than that!

I assembled them using bog standard PVA.  Only when I tried to work out what the spare bits were for did I realise that they were actually glue spreaders that were supplied as part of the kit - a nice touch!  I've then started painting on a finely textured paint on the plastered areas, hopefully this will help to achieve the rough African look by the end.  At the moment it just looks a bit messy!  Oh and yes I did knock one of the pillars getting it out of the cupboard to take the photo.  Anyway, enough waffling, here's the buildings:

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