Tuesday, 30 August 2011

IRA Characters by Musketeer

I rather like these miniatures, but that's no suprise as I like pretty much everything by Musketeer!  I'm not sure which faction these guys will get used for, probably either the Ashington Coal Collective or the Anglican League for the chap in uniform.

Brigands from Musketeer

I really like these miniatures.  I'm not sure which faction they'll end up in except for a couple of them that are pretty obvious.

The Colonel, a crusty staff officer during the Great War he thinks that wearing a fur around his shoulders and his staff officers red tabs is all that it takes to command men.

The random fascist officer.

Some of the brigand boys:

Gaz 98 Aerosan Part One

Last week Warlord Games (well the Royal Mail) delivered my Gaz 98 Aerosan.  Whilst I was rather tempted to start an entirely separate Soviet force that had nothing to do with VBCW I couldn't resist the temptation to convert this into something that resulted from some Armstrong-esque Geordie genius. 

Sadly this meant that a diecast vehicle had to die.  No pun intended.

The bumper was added as an afterthought as hey, it'll probably be needed as this vehicle will no doubt have an appalling turning circle and the best speed ever in a straight line;  mind you, with only a single LMG to strike with it's impact on the battlefield is likely to be limited!

More pics to follow once I get this chap painted.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

British Militia by Musketeer

Part of my wet weekend has been spent on my British Militia.  I'm not sure what they're going to be called, my current favourite is the Longhoughton Defence Volunteers.  The only concern is that the village would have been too small back then to have enough men to form a militia.

The Boys team:

The commander:

The bomber and the Sergeant:

The messenger on his roller skates and a petrol bomb armed chap:

I really must get round to designing and printing the logos for this and my other factions.  I'm going to print the logos onto decal paper to make the armbands.  I just keep finding other more interesting things to do first!


Another wet weekend has meant loads of painting.  Here's the Victorian household staff that I got with the steam tanks from Ironclad.  I really like these miniatures.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Dixon Miniatures Nasty Types with Explosives!

These chaps arrived earlier this week and were too good to resist.  I just couldn't leave them until I'd finished the steam tanks from Ironclad.  These chaps will definitly be added to the Ashington Coal Collective in the near future and no doubt will be setting all sorts of nasty IEDs or booby traps for the Royalists of Northumberland in the near future.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Took delivery of a couple of steam tanks from Ironclad miniatures today.  Very little flash to be removed and they went together really really well.  I've spray undercoated them, no mould release chemical issues which is great as I always get too excited about new miniatures and forget to rinse them off before glueing them together!  I've given them a base coat of cavalry brown mixed with german grey which I'll build up to plain cavalry brown in order to give a red oxide effect.

Hopefully I'll get chance over the next few evenings to finish these chaps off and give my communists a suitably silly coal powered bit of armour.

Friday 12 Aug 11.

A little update.

Well I didn't manage to get these guys finished this week as planned as I was distracted by some shiny bits of metal from Musketeer miniatures and Dixon Miniatures (pics to follow in another post).  However, I have had time to undercoat and then base coat them.  I'm not sure about the colour but hope that it will work out once I've washed with thinned black and then highlighted up through cavalry brown.  I'm then hoping to come up with some sort of rust effect around the rivets etc but that will be a new level of detail for me instead of the normal dusting of Tamiya weathering effects!

Anyway, here are the tanks, I'm really impressed by the quality of casting etc from Ironclad miniatures and will almost definitly be buying other things from them in the future.

The tank:

The armoured car:

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Scary Scarecrows

These are the wonderful scarecrows from the Woodbine Design Company by Gripping Beast.  I've added the crazy farmer who I think may be from the Wargames Foundry.

Mantic Dwarf Command

Some of the metal Dwarf command pack from Mantics.  Lovely really solid and detailed sculpts.

Mantic Wight

A metal wight by Mantic.  I don't think that they do much in the way of metal anymore as they're moving over to plastic resin.  At least they didn't feel the need to instantly double their prices like one other manufacturer did!


This chap was the special miniature for Albanach 2011 back in about February time.  I really like this miniature.  He's really appropriate for the Army of the Severn Valley or similar but that didn't stop me from having fun painting him.

Focke Achgelis FA 223E - A most frustrating kit!

Well the weather has been foul here this weekend and the miniatures that I was hoping would arrive on Friday or Saturday didn't so I've been able to have a weekend of basing up miniatures and building this 1:48 Focke Achgelis FA 223E that I found in my cupboard.  It has been a really frustrating build and quite frankly looks like it's been assembled by a child as there's glue marks everywhere.  I was trying to use poly cement but for some reason it wouldn't work on this plastic so I changed to super glue and in the end had to start using cyano acrylate accelerator.  These photos were taken about 5 seconds before I dropped the kit.  It's now in pieces on the desk.

I think that this could add some real character to my British Militia/LDV who will have an assortment of crazy vehicles.  That will only happen though if it stays in one piece for more than 30 seconds!

Universal Carrier

I don't know why but I've always had a thing for the Universal Carrier or as it's commonly known, the Bren Carrier.

This example is from the Warlord Bolt Action range.  It's missing a piece above the Bren that broke when I was building it.  Shame really.  However Warlord have got a platoon deal on for a section of 3 carriers at the moment.  3 of them for £33.  Not bad at all!

Vickers Light Tank Mk VI

This is the Vickers Light Tank Mk VI from BEF Miniatures.  I really like this model.  I don't know why.  I look forward to getting the chance to see how it does on the battlefield.

Morris CS9 LAC

I got this vehicle a while back from BEF Miniatures.  It's armed with a rather potent (for the day) combination of a Bren and a Boys anti tank rifle.

Renegade Great War Infantry

Here's an assortment of infantry by Renegade that I picked up as a complete steal on Ebay.  They're quite a bit bigger than some other manufacturers but not so large as to look wrong.  Hey, let's remember that peope come in different sizes!

Renegade Great War Mortar Section

Can anybody guess that I've had a basing session today?  Anyway, here's a section of 2 medium/heavy mortar base plates that could either be used to blast seven shades out of an opposing Bosch trench or equally 20 years later be used to blast 7 shades out of well, anybody who opposed the firing unit!