Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Roads - Part 4

A slightly earlier finish than expected and a complete lack of motivation to do any PT mean that I actually got chance to finish off a couple of pieces tonight.  Two straights and two curves to be precise. 

Firstly I applied my standard basing flock down the sides, trying to avoid straight lines as much as possible to keep things looking natural.

The next stop was to add some extra tufts to add a little depth.  After this I decided to brave trying out the Vallejo Acrylic water that has been loitering at the back of the vanishing cabinet for many, many months.  I mixed in a little Devlan Mud wash, to try to make it look a bit murky, this stuff doesn't mix that easily really but the effect looks ok at the moment.  This photo was taken just after I added it. 

I might just return to the old faithful water effect of some PVA glue mixed in with some dirty brush cleaning water if it doesn't work out!  I often why I buy all these fancy new potions when the old tricks are often the best!

I'm reasonably happy with the finished pieces, I'll try to upload some fully finished pictures tomorrow when the water effect drys.  There's a fair few more pieces to do so hopefully I'll get them looking better by the end.  My dream is that one day I will be able to lay out my scenery like that photo that some people might remember from the rule book for Warhammer Fantasy Battle back at the beginning of the nineties, you know, the hardback orange 3rd edition one.  In the early chapters I remember a rather cheesy picture of Rick Priestley picking out some miniatures and a page or two later there was an incredible wargames table covered in scenery.  One day I will have a table to compete with that one!  One day . . . .. . .

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