Thursday, 26 July 2012

Pastures New . . . .

Today I finally became a grown up.  Today I picked up the keys to my own house.  Not a pile that I rent and call home.  My own house.


This is going to mean that it's going to be really quiet on here for a while.  However I have got absolute permission from Memsahib to convert the loft into a man cave which will hopefully feature a decent gaming table and plenty of display cases.

I'm starting to think that I should have measured the loft properly before agreeing to this!

Memsahib won't let me convert the attached granny flat into my own private pub which is a shame.  Having a man cave will be ace.  There are some conditions attached.  Something about decorating the rest of the house first but I wasn't really listening, I was a bit busy researching tongue and groove loft flooring!

It does look though like the Horns of the Buffalo project will stretch out to more than a year now.  I came close, I am down to the last 17 Zulus and 8 Brits. 

So near and yet so far . . . . . . . . .