Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Took delivery of a couple of steam tanks from Ironclad miniatures today.  Very little flash to be removed and they went together really really well.  I've spray undercoated them, no mould release chemical issues which is great as I always get too excited about new miniatures and forget to rinse them off before glueing them together!  I've given them a base coat of cavalry brown mixed with german grey which I'll build up to plain cavalry brown in order to give a red oxide effect.

Hopefully I'll get chance over the next few evenings to finish these chaps off and give my communists a suitably silly coal powered bit of armour.

Friday 12 Aug 11.

A little update.

Well I didn't manage to get these guys finished this week as planned as I was distracted by some shiny bits of metal from Musketeer miniatures and Dixon Miniatures (pics to follow in another post).  However, I have had time to undercoat and then base coat them.  I'm not sure about the colour but hope that it will work out once I've washed with thinned black and then highlighted up through cavalry brown.  I'm then hoping to come up with some sort of rust effect around the rivets etc but that will be a new level of detail for me instead of the normal dusting of Tamiya weathering effects!

Anyway, here are the tanks, I'm really impressed by the quality of casting etc from Ironclad miniatures and will almost definitly be buying other things from them in the future.

The tank:

The armoured car: