Sunday, 7 August 2011

Scary Scarecrows

These are the wonderful scarecrows from the Woodbine Design Company by Gripping Beast.  I've added the crazy farmer who I think may be from the Wargames Foundry.

Mantic Dwarf Command

Some of the metal Dwarf command pack from Mantics.  Lovely really solid and detailed sculpts.

Mantic Wight

A metal wight by Mantic.  I don't think that they do much in the way of metal anymore as they're moving over to plastic resin.  At least they didn't feel the need to instantly double their prices like one other manufacturer did!


This chap was the special miniature for Albanach 2011 back in about February time.  I really like this miniature.  He's really appropriate for the Army of the Severn Valley or similar but that didn't stop me from having fun painting him.

Focke Achgelis FA 223E - A most frustrating kit!

Well the weather has been foul here this weekend and the miniatures that I was hoping would arrive on Friday or Saturday didn't so I've been able to have a weekend of basing up miniatures and building this 1:48 Focke Achgelis FA 223E that I found in my cupboard.  It has been a really frustrating build and quite frankly looks like it's been assembled by a child as there's glue marks everywhere.  I was trying to use poly cement but for some reason it wouldn't work on this plastic so I changed to super glue and in the end had to start using cyano acrylate accelerator.  These photos were taken about 5 seconds before I dropped the kit.  It's now in pieces on the desk.

I think that this could add some real character to my British Militia/LDV who will have an assortment of crazy vehicles.  That will only happen though if it stays in one piece for more than 30 seconds!

Universal Carrier

I don't know why but I've always had a thing for the Universal Carrier or as it's commonly known, the Bren Carrier.

This example is from the Warlord Bolt Action range.  It's missing a piece above the Bren that broke when I was building it.  Shame really.  However Warlord have got a platoon deal on for a section of 3 carriers at the moment.  3 of them for £33.  Not bad at all!

Vickers Light Tank Mk VI

This is the Vickers Light Tank Mk VI from BEF Miniatures.  I really like this model.  I don't know why.  I look forward to getting the chance to see how it does on the battlefield.

Morris CS9 LAC

I got this vehicle a while back from BEF Miniatures.  It's armed with a rather potent (for the day) combination of a Bren and a Boys anti tank rifle.

Renegade Great War Infantry

Here's an assortment of infantry by Renegade that I picked up as a complete steal on Ebay.  They're quite a bit bigger than some other manufacturers but not so large as to look wrong.  Hey, let's remember that peope come in different sizes!

Renegade Great War Mortar Section

Can anybody guess that I've had a basing session today?  Anyway, here's a section of 2 medium/heavy mortar base plates that could either be used to blast seven shades out of an opposing Bosch trench or equally 20 years later be used to blast 7 shades out of well, anybody who opposed the firing unit!

Light Mortar Team

I don't know why but I've always liked light mortars ever since the first time that I saw one at Sandhurst.  Here's a light mortar team from my slowly growing 50th Northumbrian Division collection.

18 pdr gun & crew

I have to confess to being rather undecided as to the role of artillery in 1938 VBCW.  On the one side I believe that it would have been used in reality as the British psyche had not really accepted the role of collaterall damage in war.  On the other side, it can lead in gaming terms to an arms race that rather detracts from the game itself.  Perhaps this is why I've spent 10 hours today building a massive twin rotor Focke Achgelis FA 223E-0 that only has a single LMG for its defence and actually doesn't really have that after an unfortunate dropping incident earlier that has resulted in the LMG now bouncing around inside the cockpit.

However, back onto the subject, what was it?  Oh yes, here's my 18pdr which could be used to add some serious whallop to one or another of my factions.