Friday, 27 March 2015

Terminator Hunter Killer

I have to confess to being rather exciting about the upcoming release from River Horse ......... Terminator Genisys, the miniatures game.  The thoroughly talented Alessio Cavatore is at the helm so it promises to be good.  There's a Facebook page too if you're looking for more info, chat or just gossip.

Whilst getting excited I had a rummage through the foothills of my lead and plastic mountain and found a Hunter Killer model from Pegasus Hobbies.  It went together like a dream, the instructions were pretty good and the parts fitted together beautifully.  It was really very easy to remove the parts without too much need for filing etc which was a refreshing change after some other kits that I've tried recently.  I'm not too happy with the paint job (messy dusty drybrushing), it was harder than I expected and the first large "vehicle" that I've tried in ages.  I hope that it will fit in nicely with the miniatures in the game, if not then it was a fun day of modelling and painting.  Hopefully I'll make a better job of the miniatures that come with the game when it's released........ assuming that I've ever finished the Zombicide 3 lot that is heading to me in the next few days of course!