Monday, 18 April 2016

Blood Rage by CMON

Another Kickstarter from Cool Mini or Not.  Some really REALLY lovely miniatures in here that will be perfect in other settings, not least Frostgrave.  Looking at some of these miniatures it's often hard to accept that they're not actually even in hard plastic and instead are in the sort of soft plastic that toy soldiers of my childhood were made!


  1. Lovely paint work there BM and beautiful done. I kind of wishes I didnt drop out of the KS now but thats all water under the bridge now. Still waiting on Conan though, lol

  2. Thanks Panzer. Fingers crossed Conan will eventually come through. I've got to get Project Z done before the Walking Dead Kickstarter arrives. Given that I get virtually no painting time these days I should really keep off Kickstarter!

  3. Update on these; they sold for a small fortune. It paid for Christmas. Which was nice!