Monday, 7 May 2012

The Horns of the Buffalo - Part Fifteen

I've been rather busy over the last couple of weeks and so not got that much time in the vanishing cabinet.  However, this morning I finally got a couple of hours to finish off a second unit of British Infantry.  They are slightly different to the first batch as I've deliberately kept the helmets more dull as I recently discovered that the bright white helmets of Zulu were complete Hollywood.  Hopefully one day I'll get time to dull the others down, I might see what a drop of sepia wash does before entirely repainting them.

I've stuck with my standard green grass mix for the same reason that I have previously, South Africa is pretty green in January and so the dusty desert look of Zulu is plain wrong!  Plus this gives me the added benefit of being able to use one colour of base texture for all my miniatures.

I only have about 8 British miniatures left to paint, 4 key characters and the command pack from the 2nd unit of British infantry.  All that's left after that is the rest of the married zulus, seemingly thousands of them!  I won't be able to create Rorke's Drift at 1:1 ration, but it will certainly be a rather full table!

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