Monday, 19 March 2012

The Horns of the Buffalo - Part Ten

I bet some of you were thinking that I had abandoned the Anglo-Zulu war in favour of scenics.  Well I did take a bit of a break to make my roads and rivers and I was seriously tempted to spend some of this week's leave making a graveyard.  Then I noticed that the recently tidied vanishing cabinet is still full on the middle shelf because of the undercoated Rorke's Drift buildings.  So I decided that I'd get them finished.  It's taken most of the day but the storehouse is now finished.  Painting the bricks was incredibly dull and made worse by a fearsome hangover this morning.  All I've got left to do now is to find an excuse to use it in 1938 VBCW as well as the Anglo Zulu war!  Anyway, enough rambling, here's the picture:

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  1. Looks absolutely splendid! With regards to other uses the thatched roof would be perfect for a farm outbuilding in kent, perhaps a hop farm!

  2. This looks so good there mate, one would think that it is the building from the film. Top draw.

  3. Thanks chaps. I want to get the hospital done but the memsahib keeps coming up with other jobs for me!

  4. Thats what the men-sahib is for, finding those jobs, lol