Sunday, 11 December 2011

Overlord Improvised Armour Conversion Kit

Back at Border Reiver 2011 I picked up one of the Improvised Armour conversion kits by Overlord that Solways crafts and miniatures offer for sale.  I put it together and part painted then didn't get round to doing anything with it for months.  There's a theme developing here today isn't there?!  Anyway in a moment of cheesy madness I decided that this would be Jack Jone's van.  I'm hoping that the decals aren't so bad that people can't draw the link.  I can't remember which type of Lledo vehicle the kit is designed for but it's certainly achieved a rough and ready improvised look on the Model T ford van that I used here.  This vehicle will either deploy as part of the Longhoughton Defence Volunteers or as part of the Ashington Coal Collective.  Probably the earlier rather than the latter.


  1. awesome work mate. I've wanted to see what this kit looked like for a while.

  2. Thanks. I've seen it done on the intended vehicle and it looks better. Unfortunately I got impatient and so deployed the kit onto a model T ford van. It certainly added to the improvised look!

  3. I think it looks great and very Heath Robinson. Good paint job too.