Sunday, 11 December 2011

BUF Adler Armoured Bathtub

This is a German Adler Armoured car from BEF Miniatures (now part of Warlord Games) that I picked up a while back, built, part painted and then never got round to finishing.  Well this afternoon I finally got round to printing off the decals to finish things.  The kit is exactly the same as the original except that I swapped the heads out for ones that I had in my bits box.

I wasted a small fortune in smudged decal paper until I remembered to adjust the paper type.  They're far from the best decals that I've ever made but they're getting better, I just need to use a better graphics app in order to be able to print at the level of detail that I want.  Anyway, here it is, far from the best that I've produced in a while.

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