Saturday, 26 November 2011

Dreadfleet - Part 3

Well, I finally got round to playing Dreadfleet last night.  A couple of friends came over.  The girls watched Bridesmaids and we played Dreadfleet.  Well, I say played. . . . . .

None of us had found the time to read the rules so a lot of time was spent working them out; concurrently a lot of wine was drunk.  After a couple of hours floundering we were getting into the mechanism.  It's not a bad game, the scenarios seem good.  It's certainly not a simple game to play and at points can seem a little over complicated but I reckon that will go away with more games.  It is a great looking game though.

One thing is for sure.  Wine and wargames are a dangerous combination judging by the state of everybody's heads this morning!

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