Saturday, 1 October 2011

Northumbria Police

These are some of the miniatures that came into my possession after getting thoroughly carried away at Border Reiver 2011 despite setting firm spending limits before I left home!  Unfortunately I've been away with work a lot over the last few weeks and so not had time to get much painting done.  Anyway, here a few of the Policemen that I bought from Reiver Castings.  I've also got a unit of their Police cavalry to paint as well.  Very good value for money and they paint up better than the bare lead suggests.  I will be making decals for the helmets as soon as my new printer arrives.

They still need texture to be added to their bases but unfortunately I'm away with work again a lot over the next 2-3 weeks.


  1. It´s a fair cop!! Sorry, I couldn´t resist it. :-D
    A fine bunch of peelers, armed like that they remind me of pictures about the seige of sidney street.

  2. Great looking group of peelers you have here. I think the Reiver range looks so good once painted.

  3. Thanks chaps. I reckon that his sales would go up if he showed decent photos of his miniatures painted well on his website. Unfortunately the site is mainly a list and at shows a lot of the minis on display are only undercoated meaning that they really don't look their best. It's a shame. Lovely minis though.