Saturday, 1 October 2011

Great War Miniatures Character Pack

I ordered these chaps a few weeks ago after failing to secure the rather fine motorbike mounted signaller from a fellow on the Gentleman's Wargame Parlour.  I think that these are lovely miniatures and have done what I can to make them live up to their sculpting.  The sniper will probably be employed as a Ghillie for Lord Percy's Peasant Shooting Party but all the others will probably be involved with my Regular or Territorial forces.  I still need to add texture to the bases but other than that the only thing left to do is learn how to take photos that look any good as my current macro use leaves rather a lot to be desired!

Motorbike Despatch Rider

The Padre:

The Sniper or Ghillie

The Football Player:

The Officer (converted head):

Celebrating the winnings! (Warlord miniatures not part of the Great War Miniatures character pack).

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