Sunday, 10 May 2015

Saga Vikings

I recently gave into the temptation that had been growing for years and bought a load of bits and pieces to delve into Saga.  As a start I picked up the rather brilliant 6pt Viking Starter Warband with the rulebook for an excellent value £45 at Salute 2015 from the Dice Bag Lady.  Yes, that's an entire army for a wargame for £23 - Incredible value!  Oh and there's a couple of heroes at the end who are metal miniatures that are not included but they're very nice!  Finally that unusually long spear is going to become a standard, just as soon as the decals arrive in the post.



  1. I say there BM they are looking rather good. I like the colour scheme and the overall look is great. I am liking the bases too as they set the figures off. Will have to find time to play a game against you with my Saxons, lol

    1. Why thank you PK! That sounds like an excellent idea. Hopefully I'll find time to finish my Saxons in the next few weeks. You probably won't be surprised to hear that they're Northumbrians!