Monday, 6 April 2015

AWI Colonial Militia by Wargames Factory

Here you have the relatively recently released Colonial Militia by Wargames Factory.  There's 30 28mm chaps in the pack with enough poses and options to give a really good mix that has a real militia feel, i.e. it's not too regimented and slightly chaotic.  I have to confess to having rushed the painting a little as I was excited by the arrival of my Zombicide Season 3 Kickstarter package.  However, in order to finish my AWI project I'll have to add some more militia.  There aren't that many options available in hard plastic but these are pretty good, far better than some of Wargames Factory's older products!



  1. These are rather nice and they look like a good set to have. I have been thinking about getting them for doing AWI using Donnybrook and I think you have answered my question.

    1. They're a massive step forward from some earlier Wargames Factory products. There's plenty of spare hats and other pieces in there too so good for the spares pot! I forgot to mention that you can go for largely rifled muskets if you want although there's not enough to do all rifled or all non-rifled. That said you could have one unit of each if you got two boxes. It really depends how many of those devilish riflemen you want out there hunting for the Ruperts!