Sunday, 15 February 2015

French Indian War morphs into the American War of Independance......

Many, many months ago (actually possibly years ago) my love of the film Last of the Mohicans combined with Warlord Games combining together with conquest games to lead me to starting yet another period.  I painted a few Indians but the project massively stagnated. 

Then a few weeks ago I caught wind of Wargames Factory releasing a plastic Woodland Indians set.  I was a little hesitant as some of their earlier sets had left a little to be desired, the faces on their early zombie set were simply awful.  However having completed the Warlord/Conquest Indians that I had bought much earlier I thought that I'd give them a punt.  Somehow, whilst trying to decide whether or not buy the new plastics I ended up buying some Perry AWI British Infantry and a set of their Continental Infantry.

There did seem to be quite a lot of comment that the Perry miniatures were hard to paint, I remember trying some of their Napoleonics a few years back and coming to the same conclusion but actually I was pleasantly surprised and rather enjoyed painting these guys, although at 38 miniatures in a pack it is quite a formidable task (although great value for money at £18-20 per box depending on vendor).

I was meant to have been heading up to Northumberland from Thursday until today but thanks to having to wait until Monday for Autoglass to have a third go at bringing the right windscreen we couldn't (safely/legally) drive up there so instead there was a little Memsahib spoiling and plenty of painting.  It seems that my fear or Perry Miniatures may well have been misplaced as for once I am actually really happy with a paint job.  Those who've been following this blog for a while (complete with massive gaps whenever life gets in the way) will know that I am very rarely actually happy with a paintjob!  I can almost forgive myself for forgetting to highlight the base texture before flocking......

 I've also assembled the Continental Infantry and have those ready to go.  I like the mix in the box of 34 normal infantry and 4 chaps with rifle muskets although I have to confess that I had a lot more fun with the 2 British casualties than I'll probably have with the rifle musket chaps.  It is interesting though to see the colours that the hunting jackets came in.  The information leaflets in the Perry Boxes are some of the best around IMHO.


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