Friday, 6 July 2012

A retro trip in 20mm part 2

I have hardly published anything for weeks.  I have been stupidly busy with work and life and also my laptop is refusing to work with Blogspot so I've stolen the good memsahibs laptop for a little bit.  Some of you might remember that a few weeks ago I purchased and build a classic Matchbox 3 colour kit of the LRDG.  Well, I'm currently laid up on enforced rest after a rather nasty little health scare.  I'm bored out of my tiny little mind and frustrated as I can't get anything done.  Well apart from painting when the medication allows my head to clear enough.  I've yet to put the decals onto these chaps but I'm rather pleased with the results.  I don't think that the detail is any better than my previous efforts at 15mm but the effect is ok as long as you squint, a bit of a Monet really!  Hopefully I won't allow this to convert me to 20mm although the massive range of kits does make it tempting!  Memsahib rather liked the idea of smaller models until I mentioned that there'd be more of them!

Enough rambling, here they are:


  1. Wow that is amazing and so reminds me of my childhood building these kits and WW2 wargaming.

  2. Thank you kindly Panzer. It's great to know that I'm not the only one who got into wargaming/modelling via Airfix/Matchbox. It has taken a serious amount of willpower not to start buying dozens of kits that I made a right mess of as a child and try again now. Mind you, I didn't have the same tools available back then!