Wednesday, 9 May 2012

What next?

Having just finished another 16 unmarried zulus I am pondering what to do next; looking at the lead/plastic mountain the options are:

64 plastic married zulus plus 2 lead zulus.
6 policemen to finish off the Northumbria Police force.
8 British command figures from Anglo-Zulu war
Blackadder WWI character pack
Assorted Kings of War and Warpath sprues
Assorted Celtic plastics
The Contents of the Project Pandora: Grim Cargo Game.

Yes if you've read this far then you can probably guess what arrived in the post today!  I was really impressed by Dwarf King's Hold and love the look of the Veer-Myn so I found myself unable to resist it at the discount price that Wayland Games were offering!  More details to follow once I've got it painted.  Don't hold your breath though, work is mental at the moment, I'm away next week and every ounce of spare time is getting taken up with the Wife's business.  Well that and typing rambling witterings on here!

1 comment:

  1. Type away mate. Paint the Bladder boys next.That reminds me I need to get them.