Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Who let the dogs out? And why are they so darned shiny?

I've been having a bloomin nightmare recently with my matt spray varnish.  It is proving to be anything but matt.  This is shown off really well by my latest canine additions. 

They're not new, I found them in a random box of old lead in the garage with the remnants of an old paint job on them.  I think that they're from the Lord of the Rings range by Games Workshop, something to do with the Shire if I recall correctly.

I reckon that these will make a fun addition to my VBCW collection, either for use by dog handlers or as a GM controlled inject to liven up the game a little.


  1. I love these, but don't recognise them either. I find a light brushing with Vallejo Matt varnish normally does the trick.

  2. Thanks Michael, I'll have to get some of that. Would be easier if the Army Painter stuff did what it said on the tin though!