Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Walls by 4Ground - Part 2

Well it's taken bloomin ages but I have finally nearly finished my walls by 4Ground.  I am really rather pleased with the results.  I've added some little puddles to some of them but here are a few images of the finished items.

Yes, I went completely to town with the Army Painter and Woodland Scenics items!

Just to give you an idea of scale here's something from the AZW and something from VBCW:

I'd definitly reccomend these items, they take a fair bit of work to finish but the results are rather pleasing IMHO.

Walls by 4Ground - Part 1


  1. Rather splendid my good chap! They certainly look the part and beautifully done.

  2. I say old bean they are fabulous, how did you do the brick work. I now got to paint mine for Partizan.

  3. Why thank you old boy. It was actually rather simple, just very time consuming! I put textured paint on the plaster bits and then spray undercoated black. The plaster was semi-dry brushed with khaki grey then pale sand. I then painted the bricks and mortar with luftwaffe uniform (I think) before painting all of the bricks with good old cavalry brown (one of the most useful colours ever IMHO). I then painted assorted bricks in different shades using various mixes of charred brown, cavalry brown and tan. It takes absolutely ages and really test my patience! I then gave them all the usual coats of matt varnish before flocking and adding the extra scenic bits. Last step was adding little bits of water effect to simulate little puddles on some pieces. I am really pleased with the result. I'd like to get them out on the battlefield and have got a game planned on Monday. Sadly it's a FOW game. . . . . just need to convince them to do something in 28mm!