Sunday, 29 April 2012

Private Pooch

The other day I was trawling around the web instead of actually getting the lead mountain reduced and came across this pack from Warmacre Games.  The picture wasn't that promising but I really liked the idea of a patrol dog & handler for my 1938 collection.  The pack was down to £2 + £1 delivery so I thought what the heck.

It seems that this is yet another miniature company who isn't showing their products off to the best as it looked a lot better when it arrived than on the website.  There was a slight miscast on one of the dog's legs but that only took a few moments with the green stuff to fix; the face and hands are brilliantly sculpted and cast well but the sleeves and front of the tunic are not so good.  I might well try some of their other miniatures in the future, especially considering how quick the delivery was!


  1. What a great little team; you can have some serious fun with these, perfect for VBCW and a great find.

  2. WOW, Realy like this set, what scale is it?

  3. Thanks chaps, it's 28mm. Fits in perfectly with Warlord etc.