Sunday, 4 December 2011


"The Sentries report Zulus to the South West . . . . . thousands of them"

An immortal line from one of the greatest films ever.  The big question is - has anybody seen the new miniatures from Warlord Games and Empress Miniatures in the flesh?  This set is seriously tempting but I need to know about the quality of the miniatures before committing to spend this much on them!


  1. I have only seen the 3 ups in the flesh and they look good and match Empress well. I have seen Empress's figures in the flesh though and they are wonderful to behold, some of the best figures on the market. But you try and ask the chaps in GWP3 for there veiw

  2. I haven´t seen the zulus but Well done that man for getting the film quote right!!!

  3. Thanks chaps. I've asked the question on GWP but not heard anything yet. It all seems a bit quiet on there outside of the King Edward VIII Cocktail Bar.