Friday, 16 December 2011

A break from 1938 VBCW

Gentlemen, I am pleased, even delighted to report that yesterday I took delivery of a rather large parcel from some chaps in Nottingham.  This will mean that apart from finishing off some defences/objectives I won't be painting any 1938 minis for a while.  However, instead I will be painting Zulus, thousands of them!  Well, ok 40-60 Zulus plus some British infantry and some lovely lovely scenery.  If only I actually had some leave over Christmas to get things started rather than loads of time at work :(


  1. Enjoy your break mate and would that be the Rourke Drift box set by any chance? Enjoy

  2. Even better, it's the Horns of the Buffalo set so even more terrain to paint!

  3. Turns out that there's now going to be over 100 Zulus as my wife very kindling gave me another regiment of unmarried zulus for Christmas.