Sunday, 7 August 2011

Focke Achgelis FA 223E - A most frustrating kit!

Well the weather has been foul here this weekend and the miniatures that I was hoping would arrive on Friday or Saturday didn't so I've been able to have a weekend of basing up miniatures and building this 1:48 Focke Achgelis FA 223E that I found in my cupboard.  It has been a really frustrating build and quite frankly looks like it's been assembled by a child as there's glue marks everywhere.  I was trying to use poly cement but for some reason it wouldn't work on this plastic so I changed to super glue and in the end had to start using cyano acrylate accelerator.  These photos were taken about 5 seconds before I dropped the kit.  It's now in pieces on the desk.

I think that this could add some real character to my British Militia/LDV who will have an assortment of crazy vehicles.  That will only happen though if it stays in one piece for more than 30 seconds!

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