Sunday, 7 August 2011

18 pdr gun & crew

I have to confess to being rather undecided as to the role of artillery in 1938 VBCW.  On the one side I believe that it would have been used in reality as the British psyche had not really accepted the role of collaterall damage in war.  On the other side, it can lead in gaming terms to an arms race that rather detracts from the game itself.  Perhaps this is why I've spent 10 hours today building a massive twin rotor Focke Achgelis FA 223E-0 that only has a single LMG for its defence and actually doesn't really have that after an unfortunate dropping incident earlier that has resulted in the LMG now bouncing around inside the cockpit.

However, back onto the subject, what was it?  Oh yes, here's my 18pdr which could be used to add some serious whallop to one or another of my factions.

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